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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Using Organic Hair Dye – by Kaitlyn McLintock

Roya Adjory is the founder of Nori’s Eco Salon, which is located in Los Angeles. It is L.A.’s first green-certified hair salon, and it operates without any toxic chemicals whatsoever (even the wall paint and insulation is eco-conscious). For hair color, it uses Natulique, which is a haircare brand that is certified organic by the USDA.

Beauty Store Business Magazine – Save Energy, Save Money

10 energy saving tips to increase your bottom line.

Read how Nori’s Eco Salon stays eco friendly and saves money!

Salon Legislative Action Day

The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (Collaborative) organized a legislative action day in Sacramento so that salon community members could tell state senators to vote “yes” on AB 1575 (Kalra). Salon professionals were joined by staff members from the Collaborative and the CHANGE coalition along with other community supporters.

Voyage LA

An interview with Roya Adjory of Nori’s Eco Salon in Encino

LA Yoga – Greening LA

Green Hair Salon awarded to Nori’s Eco Salon for Earth Friendly Practices

What Makes a Hair Salon Green?

by Roya Adjory
Many people, including hairstylists are surprised to learn the cosmetics industry is not regulated by the FDA!

Why Is the FDA Poisoning the Beauty Industry?

Toxic hair products—including hair relaxers and the Brazilian blowout—have been making salon workers sick for years. With no regulation required, stylists are forced to save themselves.

How to Help BP Oil Spill Cleanup? Get an Eco-Haircut

It doesn’t matter if someone plans to chop their long hair to a bob or just get a trim. Nori’s Eco Salon will cut it, sweep it up and ship it off in hopes of helping clean up the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill.

Nori’s Eco Salon: All Natural Hair in Los Angeles!

Any green girl worth her hair color knows that getting your hair done involved chemicals.


Sherry Beall of HEALTHY PLANET, HEALTHY ME Goes to Nori’s

Sherry Beall goes to Nori’s Eco Salon for an Eco-Beauty Make-Over.

Eco Salon on NBC LA

A local salon takes an environmentally friendly approach to facials, hair color and more.

Project Green Prom Expert Vlog: Roya Adjory

Roya Adjury, co-owner of Nori’s Eco Salon talks about healthy skin and avoid toxic products.

Health Conscious Hair Color

Beneath the luster of our hair, blood vessels pulsate close to the skin. “Whatever you put on your scalp penetrates your body via the blood,” says Roya Adjory, co-owner of the environmentally conscious Los Angeles-area Nori‘s Eco-Salon.

Salon Selectives

Ick-free manis, poison-less pedis and hair care that won’t hurt you.

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Greenwashed and Dyed: Nori’s Eco Salon

Nontoxic hair color under the shredded-denim ceilings of a Greenopia-recommended beauty parlor.

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